The Extraordinary Women


Why EXTRAordinary Women?

The EXTRAordinary Women was established as a catalyst for leadership to help members expand professional and career links in our vibrant community.

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Above: At our Making Your Mark Speaker events from last season.

But it’s not all about work. We also hope to enrich and engage with our women-helping-women approach and create stronger voices.

Pursuing a collective vision for members is designed to contribute to equitable opportunity, achievement, and easier connections in the community.

From networking lunches with guest speakers and Happy Hours started in 2010 to connect and collaborate—TEW events provide a forum to enjoy the company of friends and to connect with colleagues and community/business leaders, where we can celebrate each other’s accomplishments (and have fun!).


We have a number of sponsorship levels and ongoing relationships with corporate allies. Our mission is to pursue community outreach to provide local support and participation, assisting members in advancing careers, leadership potential, and professional growth. 

Sponsors are invited to work with The EXTRAordinary Women, and in co-op relationships on supportive programsSt Joh's leadership program to assist members (and their much younger sisters in the community) achieve recognition, goals, and foster mutual business interests.


A fundamental principle of The EXTRAordinary Women is to offer peer-to-peer (women-to-women) mentorship and ongoing leadership programs, keynote speakers, and interactive group activities to fast track your career and professional goals.

Stay tuned for details of our next Intensive Leadership Development Program.

Sheilagh O'Leary

Sheilagh O’Leary–Keynote speaker at a Making Your Mark Series Lunch.


The EXTRAordinary Women will assist with individual outreach mentoring to help create an enriched learning or nurturing environment, in harmony with existing groups and institutions, to provide avenues for participants of all ages and skill sets to build marketplace skills and confidence. Introducing inspiring speakers and events and encouraging peer-to-peer relationships is designed to facilitate gender diversity and help individuals assume a larger role in today’s competitive work environments. Assisting personal growth through co-operation is a fundamental purpose of The EXTRAordinary Women.

Members/sponsors will promote a mentoring relationship with educational institutions/business novices to offer opportunities and assistance.


Events introduce special guests who are extraordinary in their spheres of influence, including performers, artists, entrepreneurs, politicians, business experts. Featured keynote speakers and guests also include community leaders contributing to change through volunteer and philanthropic initiatives.



Included in the membership fee will be your profile on the group site/in membership listings.


The EXTRAordinary Women will offer opportunities to participate in various programs and on committees. If you’d like to be involved as a member or behind the scenes and make a contribution, please join us. Ask for details on membership for individuals (a one-time fee) and sponsorship options from founder Susan Sparkes.