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Talk, don’t email

Start talking and stop emailing, says a recent piece in The Wall Street Journal, because that’s the best way to win friends and influence people, whether they’re colleagues, customers, or your boss. Sales tend to be higher, says the WSJ, when people take the time to pick up the phone and talk to sales prospects instead of making their pitches via email.


Apparently, millenials are the most inclined age-group to rely on emails. What is sometimes called “phone aversion” can be such an issue that employees, especially the younger ones, may need training and tips to get over it.

Meet and network at events

“That’s where I come in,” says TEW founder Susan Sparkes, “and I don’t just mean because I offer business/executive protocol programs. One of the reasons I founded The EXTRAordinary Women was to give women a way to meet and network in comfortable environment, and to help to grow their social and work relationships with other members and colleagues. Learning from our wonderful guest speakers  on how they made their mark/s and having the opportunity to meet and mingle is excellent for bridge and career building, too. So I would add my voice to the Wall Street Journal’s and say that talking on the phone is excellent, but meeting and chatting in person is even better. If you haven’t been to a TEW meeting yet, please do. You might be enhancing your career prospects in ways you hadn’t imagined, if the WSJ is correct!”

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DOUBLE DATE: TEW events are open to everyone. Members are encouraged to invite a guest at the moment at the member rate— If you’re a not yet and still thinking about joining, contact Susan for details.”

Are you a leader?TEW Lunch

The American Management Association (AMA) reports that a survey of business and human resources executives worldwide found that leaders are increasingly defined not by their job title but by their performance and influence. “We’re reaching a tipping point where pace-setting companies now recognize that the term ‘leader’ applies to a far broader group than just those at the top of the organization chart,” said Jennifer Jones of the AMA.

The New England College defines leadership as being visionary, inspirational, purposeful, innovative and passionate (to name some key attributes…) and management focus as being more about  maximizing efficiency, delegating authority, supporting structure and maintaining order. Leadership may be long term vs short term thinking—but it can also be both.

Leadership can be taught— as can the critical job and necessary people skills. Competency is expected at senior levels—from how to be a serious contributor at board meetings—to what the company accounts mean or what’s involved in strategic planning. Feeling confident and capable to meet the expectations and challenges is a prerequisite for moving up. Contact TEW for details if you’re ready to grow your future and advance your career.

Visualize success

Who knows? Who cares?International Women's Day

You do. Few others in the room will be aware of your panic. How to get past it?  Recall someone you may have admired or envied for their self-confidence, perhaps someone you’ve seen ‘own the room’ at a business meeting or networking event—you’re probably thinking they don’t feel the same degree of nerves. That’s probably not the case—looking self-possessed doesn’t mean they feel it. However, sometimes  just looking like they are relaxed is its own reward.

Think: win

So next time, don’t be awkward. Visualize success, says the Networking Toolkit for Success. Instead of focusing on your lack of confidence think of someone you know and admire who is an excellent networker. Think of what they do and how they do it. Every night for two weeks before the event, visualize yourself doing those things; feeling confident, smiling, meeting strangers, shaking hands, making introductions and opening conversations. When the time comes, remember your visualization and proceed with confidence—visualize success and then do it. Over time, it becomes second nature. It works. Try it next time.

“Let me know,” says Susan, “how it works for you. If you’d like to role play or try a few practice visualizations—tell me. Happy to help!”

Network effectively

“Two ways women can network more effectively”

TEW Lunch

TEW lunch

A recent story in the Harvard Business Review focuses on research that shows a tendency for traditional networking to be  “male-centered,” while making connections to further career and professional goals continues to be something of an issue for many women. In the article, the authors highlight the importance of collaboration as a way to network — this is one of the foundation principles and activities of TEW.