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Are you a leader?TEW Lunch

The American Management Association (AMA) reports that a survey of business and human resources executives worldwide found that leaders are increasingly defined not by their job title but by their performance and influence. “We’re reaching a tipping point where pace-setting companies now recognize that the term ‘leader’ applies to a far broader group than just those at the top of the organization chart,” said Jennifer Jones of the AMA.

The New England College defines leadership as being visionary, inspirational, purposeful, innovative and passionate (to name some key attributes…) and management focus as being more about  maximizing efficiency, delegating authority, supporting structure and maintaining order. Leadership may be long term vs short term thinking—but it can also be both.

Leadership can be taught— as can the critical job and necessary people skills. Competency is expected at senior levels—from how to be a serious contributor at board meetings—to what the company accounts mean or what’s involved in strategic planning. Feeling confident and capable to meet the expectations and challenges is a prerequisite for moving up. Contact TEW for details if you’re ready to grow your future and advance your career.