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Stay-tuned for the announcement of our next Intensive Leadership Development Program with EXTRAordinary Women—

This Intensive Leadership Program will empower you to meet the challenges and expectations of moving up the pipeline in management and executive roles.

During two days of workshops, you’ll be mentored by experts sharing knowledge and insights to grow your career and reach your full potential. You’ll be ready to compete and thrive. 

Our last program was a great success! Dates of the next workshop TBA.

  • Gain in confidence and competence.
  • Learn what you need to know.
  • Meet expectations as you transition up the ladder.

These workshops are ideal for organizations concerned with fair practices, expandingSt Joh's leadership program workplace opportunities, and meeting the target dates for gender diversity.

How will you benefit?

  • Enhance your confidence and competence to pursue expanding business opportunities or a first board appointment
  • Build fluency with the rules and tools needed for leadership responsibilities and challenges, including organizational and legal/fiduciary requirements
  • Update your knowledge of the skills, demands, and risks of effective governance
  • Strengthen your ability to adapt and meet challenges
  • Explore and understand your authentic leadership style (or brand) and its impact in your workplace
  • Increased motivation to take advantage of networking and business development opportunities
  • Grow with leadership support from a group of savvy colleagues who are like-minded about career and professional newldpfallimagecopydevelopment.

What are the benefits for your organization?

We focus on developing leaders who will—

  • Support organizational goals and lead change
  • Align their work with organizational values
  • Encourage and develop others to build capacity, recognizing the value of employee engagement
  • Demonstrate confidence and competence and have the ability to motivate
  • Possess increased organizational awareness and presence in both the corporate and public realms.

Our unique program boosts confidence, competence, and will assist organizations to meet fair gender diversity targets. Workshops are designed to enhance the savvy individual’s path and provide a comprehensive knowledge platform covering the essentials needed to excel.

Facilitators of the Leadership Development Program are Ronalda Walsh of Revel Events & Communications, Susan Sparkes, founder of The EXTRAordinary Women, Caron Hawco of the Caron Hawco Group, Brenda Kelleher-Flight of GDP Consulting, and Gerlinde Van Driel, Rose Van Driel Scott.

Please connect for more information.


Comprehensive, subject-focused workshops for small groups will demystify management and C-suite expectations.

Local Experts

TEW is drawing on the resource of the many successful leaders in Newfoundland and Labrador to facilitate workshops. Experts in their fields, our facilitators will mentor and share their broadly-based knowledge, insights, and expertise on what you need to know to succeed.

In Canada, the federal target for “best practice” calls for companies and organizations to aim for 30% of women on boards over the next five years nationwide, to give a fairer reflection of the gender diversity of the working population.

From the Report by the Government of Canada’s Advisory Council for Promoting Women on Boards: “High-potential women may also be self-limiting their career aspirations due to a lack of information about the knowledge, training and skills needed…”


The Two-Day Intensive Leadership Development Program covers high value, relevant topics. You’ll feel prepared to cope with new demands, with a solid foundation and understanding of the practical skills required to pursue opportunities in your profession.

leadership training in St. John's
This unique program is designed to assist women to move above the glass ceiling—and pursue the growing opportunities resulting from Ottawa’s proactive stance on improving gender diversity on Canadian boards.

The Leadership Development Program started in 2014. We are now in our fourth series.

Susan Sparkes


  • Five local and leading facilitators.
  • 16 hours of learning
  • Includes two take away books.
  • Personal and private coaching session with each facilitator.
  • Excellent handouts with every session.
  • Refreshments and meals for both days.
  • Meet and mingle with keynote speakers, who are leaders in their fields.
  • Members of The EXTRAordinary Women receive a 5% discount.
  • Working handouts for all workshops.
  • Signed certificate.

Grow your career and move up the leadership pipeline. Become a woman to watch.

Achieve higher profile business exposure, with the self-assurance that knowledge brings.

Groups are small to encourage collaboration and connections. Facilitators share unique perspectives and information on key topics, in a relaxed and convivial setting. You’ll learn what you need to know to thrive from a select group of facilitators with solid platforms of specialized experience and knowledge in key and relevant areas of expertise.

  •  These workshops are designed to coach, inspire, and empower you with what you need to know, building competence and confidence in meeting expectations to transition up the ladder, and in your ability to project and deliver effective leadership.
  • They cover high value, relevant topics at budget-friendly rates.

Company Sponsorship

leadership trainingIf your organization covers training, asking HR or your manager to assist with workshop fees is another option. Not only will this develop in-house leadership potential, it will enhance your employee value and help you have a greater positive impact on revenue and productivity. 

The organization benefits in other ways—including in its ability to meet government and industry guidelines for fair workplace practice and gender parity. The Intensive Leadership Workshops also accommodate staff groups.

Authentic Leadership: The program will assist in identifying your strengths and weaknesses and how to enhance and project your leadership capabilities.

Invest in your future. 

Leadership Training Newfoundland

  • Save if you’re a member—

Ensure your seat at the table

Call 709 754 3409 or contact  Susan Sparkes for

  • More information
  • To discuss your corporate requirements