The Extraordinary Women



Comments from some of the participants at the Leadership Development Program —

How Women Work and Lead IN

I have held several leadership and management positions throughout my career. There is always Peters_Sharon-2011something new to learn. Susan Murray’s How Women Work and Lead IN helped me develop insight into my own style and how it could change to meet today’s needs. It gave me time to reflect and think outside the box. If you need to reenergize your leadership skills, this is a must…

Sharon Peters MD MPH FRCPC, Professor of Medicine, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Michelle HollettEliminating the Fear Factor in Media Relations

I highly recommend the session Eliminate the Fear Factor in Media Relations by Lynn Hammond of Strategic Communications.

Lynn is a dynamic speaker with a plethora of content and local examples to share. Her interactive presentation had many key take-aways and I have referred to her materials and approach on several occasions since taking the session.

Michelle Hollett, CPA, CA, MBA │VP Finance, Big Erics


On Legalities, Duties, and LiabilitiesDr. Elayne Harris

The program Legalities, Duties, and Liabilities was a genuine eye-opener for me. Gerlinde van Driel is in full command of her material. Aside from advancing directorship aspirations, it had a second unexpected benefit. It served me very well as a citizen – made me knowledgeable about the superstructure of the business and corporate sphere, and a critical consumer of tomorrow’s business news. Invaluable for anyone who has fancied herself as a savvy, informed, engaged citizen in today’s complex society.

Dr. Elayne M. Harris, Harris & Associates, Specialists in the Learning, Education and Training of Adults


How useful are the Leadership Development workshops?

Here’s what program participants had to say:

“Our presenter (Brenda) is a wonderful, warm knowledgeable, passionate presenter, thoroughly engaging session.” “Susan and Lynn are a wealth of knowledge about networking. Take advantage of their expertise.”
“How Women Lead In was very informative with a lot of take-aways to bring back to my workplace.”
“Excellent workshop for young leaders who are wanting their next supervisory role.”  Loved it! Loved the discussion about “brand”-very relevant and very timely.